Integration-e Movement Therapy

This is a unique form of body-awareness- and movement therapy that is specially designed to aid in the recovery from lengthy exposure to tension, and the adjustment of habitual posture and movements. It can be seen as a re-orientation and re-acquiring of a healthy posture and movement of the body.

The body needs time during therapy to process the changes and the movement lessons, and to integrate them into daily life. Especially with regards to chronic pain, old habits in posture and movement get deeply anchored in our nervous system. We need time to detach these old movements and posture patterns. This is why it is useful to take enough time between sessions, to simply let be what is.

Movement and  bodywork, which is part of massage therapy, can help with the alleviation of pain and movement restrictions that are caused by accidents, illnesses, long-term wrongful use of the body, stress, trauma, RSI and complaints related to old age.