When to improve your health with massage therapy

When to improve your health with massage therapy?

During pregnancy
Sleeping problems
Movement restriction
Sensory hypersensitivity
Stress, trauma or burn-out
Dejectedness, little energy
Overload, low vitality and exhaustion
Chronic pain such as rheumatism or fibromyalgia

What happens during the first session?

A session usually consists of a combination of conversation and massage therapy. The first session starts with an extensive interview by means of a previously sent and filled out intake form. Additionally, we discuss your request for help and your medical past. A movement or posture analysis may be part of the intake. After, you will receive a treatment proposal and, where applicable, this proposal will be detailed in a consent form (for example with minors) and/or a treatment agreement. Usually this is followed by a therapeutic treatment, but it may be that you would prefer to schedule a second appointment for this.