Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy
Is a form of body-oriented Therapy. Both therapist and client will work on locating the cause of the symptoms and the existence of tensions in the body. Each therapeutic intervention arises from everyone’s own individual process. This is why massage therapy is different for everybody.

Is this your first time?
Then you can opt for an introduction to massage therapy. This includes: a free intake and an interview of 15 minutes and 45  minutes of massage therapy. In this way you may experience whether this form of therapy suits you. Here you can make an apointment.

Will massage therapy be reimbursed?
When you have a supplementary insurance, the treatments for massage and physical therapy at Integration-e is covered by most health insurances in whole or partially. Massage therapy is categorized as complementary and alternative medicine and will be declared as a naturopathic consult.

Integration-e Therapy

The body needs time during  Massage -and movement therapy to process the emotional and physical changes in the body, and to integrate them into daily life. Especially with regards to chronic pain, old habits in posture and movement get deeply anchored in our nervous system. We need time to detach these old movements and posture patterns.

Movement and  bodywork, which is integrated into massage therapy, can help with the alleviation of pain and movement restrictions that are caused by accidents, illnesses, long-term wrongful use of the body, stress, trauma, and complaints related to old age.

When to improve your health with massage therapy

When to improve your health with massage therapy?

During pregnancy
Sleeping problems
Movement restriction
Sensory hypersensitivity
Stress, trauma or burn-out
Dejectedness, little energy
Overload, low vitality and exhaustion
Chronic pain such as rheumatism or fibromyalgia

What happens during the first session?

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